Presented by: Sanal Sreedharan

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures all three currently used Display Wall technologies:

  • Extreme Narrow Bezel and Hyper Narrow Bezel LCD Display Wall Panels with LED back-light

  • DLP™ Display Wall Cubes with long-life LED light source, and

  • Narrow Pixel Pitch Direct View LED display walls for control room applications.                                                

In a high-level presentation, Sanal will share an overview and information about

  • Mitsubishi Electric’s contributions to global control room markets,

  • Comparison of display technologies used,

  • Examples of various control rooms that use Mitsubishi Display technologies,

  • Key considerations while choosing the appropriate display technology for your control room, and

  • Display Wall Control & Management Solutions, that help efficiently utilize the visualization space, and dynamically share relevant information on the large, high-resolution digital canvas.


Sales Support Engineer

Sanal Sreedharan, Manager Display Wall Systems (Canada) represents Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada, the Direct Canadian Subsidiary of global powerhouse Mitsubishi Electric, Japan – one of the largest manufacturers in the world with a division specialized in large screen display solutions, used primarily in control room applications.

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